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Akashic Training


​Discover the gifts you need to express, so you can live your life with purpose. With classes offered at three levels, you'll learn to consciously open and read your own akashic records.

Unlocking Access to the Akashic Records


Your akashic records hold a great deal of knowledge about YOU!


There is an infinite number of questions you can ask and knowledge can be very empowering. How you choose to use that information is up to you. You may choose to make different choices then you otherwise would have made. Perhaps you will make healthier choices. It could be that all you needed was understanding, a reason why.


Open your mind to the possibilities……here are some suggestions: 

  • Tapping into your creativity 

  • Bliss and peace of mind with divine guidance 

  • Remembering your incarnations in past lives 

  • Deeper sense of relationship with the divine intelligence 

  • Identify unhealthy recurring patterns 

  • Understanding unresolved issues in relationships 

  • Recognize fear and unconscious negative beliefs 

  • Clarify your soul's purpose and personal direction 

  • Expansion of awareness 

The Training

3 parts are blended into ONE training allowing you can access limitless divine guidance and healing AND have ample time for integration.



  • How to access your own Records.

  • How to read another's Akashic Records (with permission of course).

  • Akashic Records of all things; your business, your home, planets, events, animals, plants and so much more.   

  • How to confidently access your Records and gain crystal clarity about how you receive your divine messages and how to best integrate this wisdom into your everyday life;

  • How to integrate working with the Akashic records as a support with your clients in your current profession;

  • How to develop a profession of reading others Akashic records should you choose;

  • How to increase your earning potentials; 

  • How to clear any limiting patterns and energy blocks that hold you back from BE-ing all that you are; 

  • How to activate all of your divine gifts and co-creative abilities so that you can thrive in your greatness; 

  • How to align to your soul’s purpose so that you can fully enjoy your most abundant, expansive, and enlightened path! 

  • How to accelerate your soul’s mastery and so much more!

It is recommend having an Akashic record session with me prior to signing up for this course to ensure that we are a good fit.

You will Receive

  • Program Manual -constantly upgraded to THE NOW

  • 6-full days of learning and understanding the Akashic Records as well as supervised practice sessions

  • Out of session practice times with other members of the group

  • Access to myself, Heather Ivany for questions and clarification

  • Lifetime access to the Akashic Manual which is updated as things shift and change

  • Access to Might Networks where the zoom recordings are kept, topics are discussed and questions answered.

  • 50% off a future Akashic session with me, Heather Ivany 

Next Offering New Year 2023: REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!

Intimate group size (Approx.10) to ensure optimal guidance & support
Dates: January 30&31, February 27&28th, April 3&4 
Time: 9:30-4:00pm MST
Location: Zoom
Teacher: Heather Ivany

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About your teacher

For over twenty years Heather has been sharing practical secrets to help us turn meditation and yoga into an unconditional embrace of the fullness of our experience―on and off the mat.


With the gentle wisdom and compassion of one who understands the nuances of practice, she opens us to the joy of exploring the deep and mysterious inner landscape of the heart, mind, and body. ​For more information about Heather and her teachings please click HERE.

Hear from previous students

Completing my Akashic Records training level 1 and 2 with Heather has been one of the most transformational journeys I have been on. The knowledge, wisdom and guidance I have received has quite honestly shifted my world. I have been able to tap into gifts I didn’t even know I had and through the ongoing support and encouragement of this truly unique and wise woman I have been able to continue to expand and connect to the Records; something that has been so supportive and expansive to my own personal journey. And now, as I continue my trainings with them I am able to support my clients in the Records, which already has proven to be such a wonderful gift. 

Joanna Haines

The Akashic Records have been a wonderful tool to help shed fears and beliefs patterns, to propel me forward in my soul mission. Heather has an outstanding gift as both a teacher and a practitioner to hold space for you and support you as you transition into achieving your goals.  I would highly recommend trying an Akashic Record session with her, or better yet, take your level one certification, the clearing that takes place will change your life. 

Tricia Clarke

My recent training with Heather was one of the most powerful spiritual sessions I've ever had. I gained so much clarity around my purpose and strengths and also recognized where I was holding myself back. I have felt the effects of our time together over the last few days and would highly recommend her trainings.

Simone M.

The Akashic Records Level 1 training was a fantastic experience! Heather was excellent at providing a warm and safe space to learn and deepen into our own intuition. I would absolutely recommend to anyone interested in exploring their relationship with their Akashic Records.

Courtney Carr

Heather you changed my life! 

That was one of the most profound moments I have experienced. I have already started meditating and asking to meet my spirit guides. 

Caleb B.