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Akasha means Space/Spirit.

Every manifestation in our universe has come from, and will return to, a plane of information not perceived as part of our visible reality. This is a dimension (known as the Akashic Records) where what has been, what is in present moment and the potential of what is to be, exists as pure information.

Akasha (aka the book of life) is a recording of every soul across all lifetimes, in all times, and all places. It holds your soul’s history—where you’ve been before, what you’re facing now, and how it relates to your purpose this lifetime. AND is the record of all of our collective experiences. 

The Akashic records is a beautiful resource for anyone who wants to see the bigger picture, find the purpose behind current events, understand the past in this lifetime or uncover your soul's past. The akashic record is a resource for the soul. 

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Connect to the essence of who you are and learn how to align with your inherent wholeness.

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Discover your gifts waiting to be expressed, so you can live your life with purpose.

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