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Akashic Readings


ALIGN Session with Heather:
Discover your Akashic Records like never before.


I read the Akashic Records in a clear concise way offering actionable steps, clearing what is not serving (with consent) and offering additional insights and wisdom pieces to grow, expand and align with your incarnated purpose, your soul or your business.  


The records are always compassionate, non-judgmental, and direct. The information is pure- it moves through me and is related to you in the NOW-present moment. 

It is an honour reading the records and acting as a conduit between you and the history and wisdom of your soul’s journey.

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Book your session below:

Sessions are $230 USD (60min).


ALIGN sessions with Heather offer details on your Incarnated purpose in this lifetime. These sessions can also be use to identify your claire abilities so that you can better connect to your spirit team, harmonize with your business or any other area that you are seeking to ALIGN.

Sessions are 60 min and recorded for you to download and keep. 


I have hand selected 4 additional guides. Each of these women have been personally trained through my Akashic Training and practicing for several years. They are available to offer Akashic readings blended within their own personal area of mastery. I can't wait for you to meet and work with them.


Joanna Haines:

Joanna is a skilled Soul Alignment + Human Design Guide. She supports fellow humans on this wild journey called life, through a sacred reclamation of the Whole Self. With tenderness, compassion and unwavering presence, she holds a potent container for your own unique journey; a return to your pure and perfect cosmic blueprint, no part left behind. 

About Your Guides:

$255 USD (90min)

Tricia Clarke


Tricia Clarke had a spiritual awakening at 15, which led to a connection with unseen realms. Since completing her Reiki Master training in 2016, she has been training others in this healing practice. Tricia has also trained in the Akashic Records and post training opened Mantra Spirit Studio in Fernie B.C. where she offers yoga classes and Reiki Treatments. She is passionate about channeling ocean energy to help activate soul memory, healing, and awakening. 

$225 USD (90min)

Rebecca Vallas


Rebecca Vallas is an intuitive lawyer and astrologer based in Charlottesville, Virginia (USA). She works with evolutionary astrology, tarot, and the Akashic Records to support professionals, creatives, healers, and leaders of all types interested in tuning into their intuition, expanding their consciousness, and aligning with purpose amidst a global paradigm shift. 

$299 USD (90min)

Lynne Cowburn


Lynne is an experienced and compassionate counsellor, psychotherapist, mentor, and healer with a passion for supporting individuals seeking lasting transformation. Over the past 25 years, Lynne has cultivated a deep understanding of the human condition, as well as an array of skills, empathy, and wisdom. While she is able to assist with a multitude of issues and concerns, Lynne has a deep interest in and experience working with trauma, grief, and loss. Using a variety of counselling frameworks, including somatic, existential, mindful, spiritual, and Akashic modalities, Lynne supports holistic healing and self-actualization.

$250 USD (60min)
What is an Akashic record session?


Akasha means Space/Spirit.

Every manifestation in our universe has come from, and will return to, a plane of information not perceived as part of our visible reality. This is a dimension (known as the Akashic Records) where what has been, what is in present moment and the potential of what is to be, exists as pure information.

Akasha (aka the book of life) is a recording of every soul across all lifetimes, in all times, and all places. It holds your soul’s history—where you’ve been before, what you’re facing now, and how it relates to your purpose this lifetime. AND is the record of all of our collective experiences. 

The Akashic records is a beautiful resource for anyone who wants to see the bigger picture, find the purpose behind current events, understand the past in this lifetime or uncover your soul's past. The akashic record is a resource for the soul. 

Who is an Akashic Record Session for?

There are times in our Journey when we need perspective, clarity and/or a confirmation of our path. We yearn to be seen, guided and bathed in the Light of Acceptance, Love and Understanding.
In the Light of Higher Guidance, we feel “seen” in our pure essence and unconditionally loved.

The best way of receiving
information is through direct communication between you and your own Higher Guidance. This is always recommended and will always be the most reliable path. This said, there may be times when you feel there is a need for a “second perspective”, an overview that may be helpful, as you find your way through change or when you are navigating troubled times.



How you and I work in an ALIGN session

  • Each session is different as each individual is different

  • We begin with a short grounding meditation next I’ll open the records and will channel from the masters of the records. From here I usually work by 'energetically scanning' your body and as I pass through different chakras and body areas the information comes through.

  • The intention of each session is designed to offer an integrative healing experience relevant to what the individual is needing to understand that is most relevant to THE NOW, present moment unity consciousness.

  • Receiving information from our Higher Guidance is an integral part of the Akashic Records.

  • Akashic sessions can be done for yourself, your business, children (with consent), pets, land or home clearings, events (meetings, career changes, trips) and more.  The sky is the limit. 

What you will receive in an ALIGN session

  • 60 min session with me.

  • Details on what your Incarnated purpose in this lifetime is

  • Identify your claire abilities so that you can better connect to your spirit team

  • Video recording of our session together for you to download and keep

  • My presence which is my greatest agency for supporting your transformation and growth

  • These session are NOT to be used in place of therapy, I am not a phychic (I work in the present moment) and I do not offer past life regressions (past lives for me are visited to gain clarity in the present).


It feels like Heather has been living in the Akashic records her whole life. The level of expertise and accuracy she brings into a session has allowed me to fully lean into the experience – both during and after. The somatic experience and akashic information Heather shared left me feeling empowered and confident of my path, purpose and vision. I strongly recommend a reading with Heather, as this experience is healing, re-assuring and meaningful all in one.

Julie Gallant

I recently had an Akashic experience with Heather and was amazed by how much energy I felt flowing through my body from the moment the appointment started.  As soon as she tapped into my field I felt a huge surge of energy and easily dropped into a state of meditation and reception, and felt fully supported.  I have had other Akashic readings in the past, and what I enjoyed about my time with Heather was that she shared with me information that was current. She knew what was happening in my body and the challenges I was being faced with at the time, and offered tools and practices that I could easily apply to my life to begin my next stage of healing. 

Lindsey Park


I did an Akashic Record session with Heather. It was truly amazing and Heather really creates a welcoming non-judgemental environment to feel relaxed and grounded. The things that came up made total sense to me and it was a true confirmation that I am on the right path, but have to stop doubting myself. Highly recommend Heather for this! Thank you so much!

Norja Vanderelst


My recent session with Heather was one of the most powerful spiritual sessions I've ever had. I gained so much clarity around my purpose and strengths and also recognized where I was holding myself back. I have felt the effects of our time together over the last few days and would highly recommend her sessions

Joanna Haines

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