What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a transformative practice of deep relaxation and mediative inquiry.  It is both a science and an art form, a state of being and a practice.  


It welcomes your deepest, wisest self to co-participate with the practice, and as a result, the potential lies for the practitioner to feel at peace with who they are, where they are and where they might be heading in life.


It’s a subtle yet profound transformation, and one open to absolutely everyone.

How Does Yoga Nidra Work?

Through the systematic massaging of each kosha layer, the practice draws attention inwards where we learn to surf between the states of wakefulness and sleep.

In the state of non-sleep but deep rest the breath balances and becomes quiet, unconscious and conscious aspects of the mind reveal themselves, and we fall into an innate state of deep awareness.

It is here that we  can begin to experience the deeper aspects of yogic teachings such as feeling our inclusiveness and wholeness, not to mention our true nature which is deeply restful and expansive.

How do I practice?

Yoga Nidra can be practiced in a class or by listening to an audio recording.

Lie comfortably down on your back, supported with props if needed, make a conscious choice to be comfortable and relaxed.

Your teacher will audibly guide you through the map of your own body and mind, journeying deeper into the landscape of your soul and beyond. 

From my heart to yours please enjoy my Yoga Nidra recordings.

All of my Nidra's are also available on the INSIGHT TIMER app


I was up early to do my meditation and then read the newsletter. I thought my imagination was great, fantastic even. However your carpet ride and all that yummy honey. Not to mention, Amrita! Must have been a half hour after it ended when I arose. Thank you. Thank you. Wow.  If this sounds funny, please forgive me......I’m still away,  somewhere far far away.  

Robert Henderson

I’ve been very fortunate to have practiced yoga with Heather for many years.  Each and every time she has this ability to take you on an incredible journey.  In her Nidra practices, she somehow takes you further into yourself and deep into another world at the same time.  With the clarity and beauty of her words, she creates such a safe space that I find myself effortlessly traveling to depths I didn’t know existed, while at the same time feeling like it’s somewhere I have been before, somewhere I know well, somewhere I belong. Heather, I am forever grateful.

Katie Joyce

I have been listening to 'Merge With The Feminine' for weeks now and have fallen in love 

Rebekah Hallaert- Insight Timer

I slept soundly last night (for the first time in months) after listening to your recording on YouTube. Thank you

Dayna L.