How to Prepare for an Akashic Record Session

For preparing for a session with me you can either choose to arrive in a space of allowance and receivership and see 'what comes up.' Alternatively, you can ask questions in ways that will provide information that you can effectively use for your development and evolution. For best results, when preparing your questions keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Questions about “when” or “how much” will most often get answers that are not “materially” precise. The Keepers of the Records, Masters, Teachers and Loved ones inhabit a dimension beyond time and space.

  • Questions on “what is my next step”, “what do I need to learn” or “how can I best deal with this issue” will bring forth answers that are clarifying, reassuring and useful.

  • Issues that need healing receive a lot of support and clarification. Therefore, questions on “how can I best tend to this situation or issue” or “how can I transform this issue” often result in answers that are healing and transformative.

  • Yes, you can ask questions about your relationships and people in your life, but you cannot enter the private space of another person. The Keepers of the Records will offer clarification in regard to your relations and situations, while respecting the privacy of others.

​Healing and Integration Sessions can be elevating and deeply healing, therefore, it is best if you are able to meditate and prepare yourself before the session, and make sure you allow yourself extra time after the session, in order to integrate the energy and blessings.

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