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Currently transitioning into an evergreen program and will be available soon


Step into your POWER, to Create a Life you Love, with your Soul as Compass & Guide

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It is a powerful time in human history and many are feeling the call to walk a different path. A path to know thyself and honour deeply the connection to the divine human within.​


Through the journey of Unlocking You, a light is shined within your soul space, offering powerful keys to unlock doors that have been forgotten, reminding you that


"You are not as far away from yourself as you think".


You may be dealing with challenges that have surfaced in recent years, or built up over your life.

You may be ready for change but not sure how to begin, or simply want more space for love.  


Together we will use timeless and advanced techniques, in order to rediscover the felt sense of your authentic ground and own embodied sense of well-being.

To align yourself with your Self is to honour what is present, sacred and unfolding. 

​​This honour leads to a deep remembering of your being while leading you forward to what you are to become.

A Process for Your Inner Work

Designed to remember your being and step into your becoming...

Here's what to expect from the program:

A new experience of presence as a natural and effortless state, a life lived purposefully

Actionable insights into deepening your spiritual practices and maximizing their benefit, value, and potency

The opportunity for your physical, mental, and emotional body to heal and be restored to a state of ease

Learn how to access your inner wisdom and guides and create boundaries to support your energetic and physical state

The newfound ability to create sacred space in your life to digest and assimilate all the wisdom within you

The tools and beliefs to enable you to create time solely dedicated to deepening self-love and self-worth


Unlocking You is for anyone who...

  • seeks conscious connection internally and externally​

  • seeks healing, release from burn-out, stress or loneliness

  • is looking to align more deeply and closely with their spiritual dimension

  • senses that they are dancing around their potential and know that there is more​

  • is tired of running from themselves

Program Details

A Process for Unfolding, Unlocking, and Unleashing

Three month format to allow adequate time and space to deepen your being and step into your becoming. The length of time is intelligent, offering the first half as a hand held experience which releases into you being fully empowered to lead on your own by the end of our time together. ​

Weekly meetings: 60 minutes calls are filled with lesson guides, Q&A, experiences, and concrete tools designed to support you in developing consistency and trust with yourself. ​

Core modules:


➢ INTENTION - Set intention through Sankalpa. Your Sankalpa is like a seed that holds all the information of the future destiny of what it might become.


➢ RESISTANCE - How to work with resistance as your ally not your enemy.


➢ REST- We are both form and formless, by understanding the layers of ourselves through rest we start to see how nuanced we truly are.

➢ BOUNDARIES - How to set healthy boundaries to protect your resources, time, and energy.


➢ MEDITATION - When you act on behalf of something greater than yourself, you being to feel it acting through you with a power that is greater than your own.

➢ RITUAL- Ritual is a form of homecoming. Offering  solace that you can turn too often. Ritual offers trust in yourself in every situation, and know you are truly at home in your body, your life, and in the world ​

Access outside of weekly meetings: My mastery is in supporting you in achieving your goals.  This is accomplished through applying my over 25 years of experience in yoga philosophy, meditation and akashic records. From here I place you in my frequency with my daily meditations and hold a strong supportive container for your transformation. You have permission to reach out with clarification and questions in between sessions either via text or email.

ABOUT the Teacher

Heather Ivany, Spiritual Mentor, Akashic Guide, Teacher, and more…

Heather Ivany is a renowned spiritual mentor and Akashic guide with over twenty years of experience leading innovative courses, private training, immersive retreats, and more.


Harnessing a radiant warmth and decades-long immersion in spirituality, Heather facilitates life-altering transformation and growth for those who seek guidance or feel resistance aligning with their purpose.


Heather’s intuitive and enveloping approach awakens those who work with her to release what is limiting them and expand into the higher version of themselves.


Her teachings have left an imprint on thousands of students, granting them the practical skills to unconditionally embrace the fullness of the human experience.


With the gentle wisdom and compassion of one who understands the nuances of spiritual practice, she opens students to the joy of exploring the deep and mysterious inner landscape of the heart, mind, and body.

When she is not teaching, Heather can be found in nature, in the loving company of her husband and kids, or absorbing the wisdom teachings from her teachers.​

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Heather's one-on-one work will lovingly, assuredly and supportively hold you accountable and remind you of your potential. With Heather's care and consistency, expect transformation.

Elena Brower

I feel Heather really understands me, meets me where I am at, offers personal resources, is always available, fine tunes content for me, is very knowledgeable, I love being in her program and love developing my soul

Lynne Cowburn

I feel blessed that when I was ready to enter a new phase of my life, I found Heather Ivany. Heather’s presence in my life is an absolute gift, making my own spiritual journey a path that I am more eager than ever to follow.

Marilyn Zagha-Keeshan

READY to Step into Your Greatness?

Signature Program

Offered only twice a year, in an intimate group to ensure optimal guidance, support, and community.

Upcoming Date:

Currently transitioning into an evergreen program please check back soon.

Private Program

Offered by request only. This container is custom tailored to you, your family or your corporation. We start with a detailed discovery process and custom create your VIP program together.  Weekly sessions may include: Unlocking you content, yoga movement, Akashic Readings and can even have an additional private retreat to bring everything home. All genders, races, locations and ages welcome.

The Details, Fine Print, and More...

Frequently Asked Questions

⍟ I'm interested, but what exactly is included in the program?

  • Twelve live 60-min sessions with Heather and an intimate cohort of men and women

  • Twelve complementary Q&As to help you apply the core lessons to your business

  • Recommended tools and practical resources to complement the core sessions 

  • Access to a private community where you can open up, ask questions, and obtain further resources on topics/issues of interest

  • The option to work with Heather 1:1 at a reduced rate in Akashic reading or training, guided yoga nidra or meditation, or for further support with any of the themes covered in the program 

⍟ When are the program dates and when are the live sessions? 

Each Wednesday, April 26 - July 5 @ 11:30-12;30 MST. The program will happen within an intimate container with up to 10 participants to ensure optimal guidance and support. 

⍟ How much time should I plan to spend on the program? 

In addition to the live sessions, you should expect to spend 2-3 hours a week reviewing the complementary materials. That means up to four hours a week. 

⍟ I have other commitments during the program. Will I miss anything? 

Live (remote) attendance is mandatory, and a maximum of one absence is permitted, ideally communicated with advance notice.


Recordings of each session will be made available to all participants, but this is to allow students to revisit the material, and is not meant to replace the live portion of the course. The requirements are strict by design, as a lack of commitment affects the group container and your own success through the program.

⍟ Do I need any special materials, equipment, or softwares? 

Nope! All you need is a strong internet connection, a quiet space to join the live calls, a pen and paper, a curious mind, and a heart with the capacity to open wide.

⍟ Is there a payment plan or scholarship? 

A limited number of scholarships are available. Payment plans are also available to those who need them. Contact me directly for more details. I can do 1-2 scholarships per program.  First come first serve. 


⍟ What is the refund policy? 

I truly believe in the transformative potential of all my programs. All payments after non-refundable deposits must be made two weeks prior to our start date (unless on a payment plan).  

There are no refunds once our program has started.  This is intentional.  I take students full circle. Some experience transformation right at the beginning and others right at the end.  Disrupting the process midway inerts your potential transformation point and ripples within the group container.

Any other questions?

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