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Heather Ivany

My role in your journey of unfolding and remembering is to hold a safe and loving space as you unpack what may be obscuring your access to your home within. In our 1:1 time together, my aim is to offer you another reference point of what's possible, personally and professionally.  I promise to lovingly hold you accountable and am here as an ally of support as you hone, clarify, and access your strengths. I will guarantee full presence to meet you here.

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My greatest passion...

… is to witness individuals becoming the clearest embodiment of their own Self.  

When we operate at a deeper, more subtle level, the authentic Self is liberated because the I-ness is no longer running the show. We can just be wild and free, allowing the changing to change.

1:1 guidance with me gives you the opportunity to connect with the subtle while remaining deeply present. My gentle, and sometimes strong, guidance softens and relaxes particular parts of the self. Once one layer has been massaged and made more malleable it gently opens, like the husk of a seed, revealing the next layer underneath.

Like watching a musician in the pocket, or an athlete in the zone there is a resonance that ripples through the collective when a human becomes whole in themselves. A human who resides in the fundamental unblocked “I amness” of their living essence, is what makes me tick.  


In this capacity, I have worked 1:1 with clients for over 20 years in Yoga, mentorship, meditation, Yoga Nidra and the Akashic Records.


My deepest desire is to hold a safe and loving ground to listen and offer support as you untangle the mystery of your innate Self.  It is my sincere belief that this is the greatest work we can do to make our collective whole.  


What Others Have to Say

Heather's one-on-one work will lovingly, assuredly and supportively hold you accountable and remind you of your potential. With Heather's care and consistency, expect transformation. 

Elena Brower, United States best-selling Author/International Yoga Teacher

Coming to this program was nothing more than a leap of faith and I’m so happy I invested in myself. Heather provides a safe space for vulnerability with her unique way of listening. She is exactly the teacher that is needed for a program like this. Her humor brings a certain subtleness of light to often heavy subjects. Heather really throws herself into these programs in a noticeable way. She makes herself routinely available outside of class. This aspect really highlights the individuality within a group setting. The program has allowed me get to know and access my higher self with a level of consistency I have never know. Along the way the program teaches you an assortment of daily tools that can be carried on for a lifetime. I’m so happy to have invested in this program, heather and myself.

Heading 1

Katie-Gretch Cumbo

I feel Heather really understands me, meets me where I am at, offers personal resources, is always available, fine tunes content for me, is very knowledgeable, I love being in her program and love developing my soul

Lynne Cowburn

Heather is an entire ocean in human form - enveloping, supportive, and deeply wise. Her insights are pertinent, and her words, judicious. Speaking with Heather allows a space to explore new paradigms - if you're open, you'll find much to make your heart, and soul, expand.

I feel blessed that when I was ready to enter a new phase of my life, I found Heather Ivany. Heather’s presence in my life is an absolute gift, making my own spiritual journey a path that I am more eager than ever to follow.

Marilyn Zagha-Keeshan

Heather is a professional spiritual teacher. I reached out to her to deepen my professional and personal work. My guidance let me know to look for someone to illuminate some deeper pieces. Heather came to me through a client and we just clicked. She holds a sacred space, is very connected, and advanced in her understanding which helped us break through quickly to arrive at the place I need to be. I recommend her highly.

Janet Arrow

This has far exceeded my hopes! The learning feels really well-paced, I feel like it's just the right amount, I also feel pushed and challenged in good ways. I appreciate the clear guidance and structures, and always the permission to make it my own experience. I love the different practices. This is making the whole experience of exploring the records and my self and consciousness feel so much easier and more enjoyable than what I'd imagined it could be.

My  private sessions with Heather have allowed me to deepen my practice immensely. Working through injuries, increasing my understanding of the poses and allowing an organic connection of energy is a gift Heather easily has given me through her teachings. A true pleasure.

Krista Hanson

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