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Heather's one-on-one work will lovingly, assuredly and supportively hold you accountable and remind you of your potential. With Heather's care and consistency, expect transformation. 

Elena Brower, United States best-selling Author/International Yoga Teacher

I have been honoured to experience Heather's teachings for over 10 years. Her depth of knowledge, intuition, connection and pure fun continue to have such an impact, both for myself and my yoga practise. Her recently released audio mediation series INWARD has expanded on yet another of her many gifts, adding another valuable and most appreciated component to my life.

Christine Grimble

Heather is an amazing woman. I feel honoured to have access to her in my life. Thank you for your wisdom, insight and support. You are loved.

Emilie Fitton

I had an Akashic Records reading session with Heather. I was very curious about the records and had little idea of what to expect. The session was fascinating - giving me a lot of information to mull over and process. Heather is so professional in the whole process - from booking the appointment; to the session itself and her follow up. I would recommend you follow your own curiosity and book a reading with Heather. I plan on doing a second session to see where this takes me.

I had the pleasure of having Heather in a Akashic Records healing session. Heather has the most beautiful grounding technique that I have not experienced before. The healing session I received was exactly what I needed for my journey moving forward. I highly recommend Heather and have so much gratitude and love for the gifts she has to share and look forward to seeing her again. With so much love.

Alex Angus, NS Canada
Shona Williams

Heather is an extremely gifted teacher and guide who leads from a space of compassion to support her clients. I have worked with Heather many times, from being a student in her yoga classes and essential oil education, as well as a client of hers for Akashic readings. Every experience has been professional & powerful, and I always walk away with feelings of joy, love and gratitude.

Lindsey Park, AB Canada

Highly recommend! Heather is such a warm, kind, lovely human. Her yoga classes have answered so many of my questions on poses I've been doing for 15 years. The one on one attention is fantastic. Give yourself, or a loved one this gift.

Melanie Paquette

I recently had an Akashic Records Reading from Heather and it something I feel everyone should experience. It was life changing for me. 2020 has been an especially rough year for myself and my family and Heather's treatment was very intriguing to me and afterwards I felt empowered, grounded, centred and just a sense of calming that I haven't felt in a long time. She was so on point with her entire reading. I will definitely go back for more sessions and I encourage everyone to go and see Heather.

Leah Hill

My private sessions with Heather have allowed me to deepen my practice immensely. Working through injuries, increasing my understanding of the poses and allowing an organic connection of energy is a gift Heather easily has given me through her teachings. A true pleasure.

Krista Hanson

Come as you are. Heather has a gift of reading one's energy and providing the exact pose, breath or cue needed. She is a master, and yet even as an intermediate yogi who keeps an inconsistent practice, I always feel calm, welcomed and accommodated in mind, body and spirit. I am uplifted and soothed after Heather's classes, and my body's typical tightness and aches are healed well beyond the day of the session.

The Akashic Records Training was a fantastic experience! Heather was excellent at providing a warm and safe space to learn and deepen into our own intuition. I would absolutely recommend to anyone interested in exploring their relationship with their Akashic Records.

Courtenay Carr, BC Canada

I’ve been very fortunate to have practiced yoga with Heather for many years.  Each and every time she has this ability to take you on an incredible journey.  In her Nidra practices, she somehow takes you further into yourself and deep into another world at the same time. With the clarity and beauty of her words, she creates such a safe space that I find myself effortlessly traveling to depths I didn’t know existed, while at the same time feeling like it’s somewhere I have been before, somewhere I know well, somewhere I belong. Heather, I am forever grateful.

Katie Joyce

I have been interested in the Akashic Records for years and when I found out that Heather was offering sessions, my heart jumped for joy. What a perfect match. I learned so much about myself and my path forward. The records can get very specific and can also be humorous. Heather has the best delivery methods and speaks with kindness and compassion. I highly recommend her and I will go back for sessions in the future.

Kerri Maier

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