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Bigger Talks Podcast - Eric Bigger

Updated: May 18

The Art of Being Present: In this episode of Bigger Talks, Eric sits down with Heather Ivany for a deep dive into spiritual mentorship, mindfulness, and the pursuit of authentic existence within the frenetic pace of modern life. Heather's journey reveals the serendipitous moments and intuitive decisions steering her toward her path as a spiritual mentor. She explains her approach to the Akashic Records and how they integrate into personal growth and consciousness expansion. Also in this episode:

• Presence is imperative in making life-altering decisions; being in the moment allows for clarity and connection to one's true path.

• Techniques like meditation and yoga serve as tools for personal development, but cognizance and adaptation are essential to prevent over reliance on any single practice.

• The Akashic Records offer a spiritual platform to access the breadth of one's soul history, thus enabling deeper self-understanding and potential future pathways.

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