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Direct Access: What does it mean to "Invest in Self" in a Way That Creates Exponential Reward

Tiffany and Heather explore the meaning behind investing in oneself and how risk and volatility can be allies rather than enemies in this dialog. "Embrace risk, for this is the bridge to the most satisfying union with your desires." - Tiffany Carole

About Direct Access Podcast:

A place to Power Up and discover how to establish direct access to True Power on all levels of being and becoming. Tiffany is an international teacher, dynamic speaker, successful entrepreneur, and pedagogic writer.

Through her heart centered works, she transmits the fundamental essence and language of energetic medicine. She illuminates that which is emergent as well as the "first principles" which create the foundation for shared experience; she does this so that we may step into our role as conscious co-creators.

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