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Let it in Podcast - Guy Lawrence

Updated: May 17

Discover and Learn to Access Your Akashic Records #260: In this episode, Guy interviewed Heather Ivany about the Akashic Records. Heather demystified the concept and explained how it relates to spirituality and the quantum field. She shared her personal journey and how she became passionate about teaching the Akashic Records.

Furthermore, Heather explored the concept of purpose and how it can evolve and transform throughout one's life. Guy and Heather shared personal experiences of how their purpose expanded and shifted as they entered new stages, such as becoming a spouse or parent. Heather also discussed how some individuals can feel stuck when their purpose doesn't align with their expectations, emphasizing the importance of allowing one's purpose to be flexible and adaptable.

They also delved into the significance of trusting one's intuition and connecting with their heart in order to discover their purpose. They acknowledged that society often discourages individuals from tapping into their intuitive side and trusting their instincts. However, they stressed the importance of moving beyond logic and embracing the unknown in order to grow and expand. They also discussed the challenge of distinguishing between one's own thoughts and guidance from a higher power, noting that what may be dismissed as imagination could actually be a message from the universe. They also touched on the role of the ego in this process, recognizing that it can both protect and hinder individuals from stepping into their purpose.

The episode concluded with Heather sharing her enjoyment of working with individuals at different stages of their journey. She finds it rewarding to support both beginners and those who are further along in their path, and often brings in teachers who are looking to expand and grow in their service to others. Overall, the episode emphasized the idea that purpose is not a fixed destination, but rather a dynamic and evolving journey that requires openness, flexibility, and trust in oneself.

Key Points Discussed:

  • (00:00) - Discover & Learn How To Access Your Akashic Records

  • (00:11) - Demystifying the Akashic Records.

  • (04:20) - Purpose is dynamic and malleable.

  • (06:10) - Identify purpose through energetic body scan.

  • (08:02) - Following your purpose.

  • (12:15) - Escaping suburbia through nature.

  • (15:48) - Importance of self-awareness.

  • (19:04) - Financial struggles after car accident.

  • (23:08) - Free will and destiny.

  • (28:29) - Akashic Records Journey.

  • (30:07) - Overcoming money mindset blocks.

  • (36:20) - Overcoming money stories through awareness, choice, healing conversations, and willingness to receive.

  • (37:55) - Charging for personal services.

  • (43:19) - Business has an Akashic record.

  • (45:12) - Blending Akashic Records with expertise.

  • (48:39) - Trusting Intuition in Life.

  • (52:38) - Break free from spiritual dependency.

  • (57:18) - Dreaming big and accessing yourself.

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