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Outside the Studio- Tessa Tovar

Updated: 2 days ago

Healing at Your Own Pace: Heather Ivany and Tessa discuss the different ways that people find peace and healing. They discuss why it's important to go deeper than yoga, why people depend on others to figure out spiritual matters for them and how that ultimately does more harm than good, and the difference between meditation and talk therapy. They also briefly touch upon what Akashic Records are while chuckling about how yoga nidra can seem ridiculous to people who haven't experienced it.

6 Key Takeaways

1. The easy route is to rely on a teacher to figure out spirituality on your behalf and tell you what to think and how to feel. Spiritual sovereignty is about taking on that responsibility yourself.

2. Seek the power you have within and invite others to join you in doing the same. This way, you have power with people rather than power over people.

3. When your intention isn’t very strong toward a change you want to make, it becomes much easier to get swayed in the direction of resistance to that change.

4. The present moment is where the most powerful energy exists.

5. When your ego is in health, it prioritizes rest and recovery. When your ego is unhealthy, it starts to override the body and stops prioritizing rest in an attempt to protect you.

6. When you find yourself resisting rest, shoot for consistency over intensity: instead of a 20-minute meditation, do a 5-minute breathing exercise.

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