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Updated: 3 days ago

Balancing Polartities with our Being and Our Becoming: Have you ever felt any resistance to your own growth in life? It can feel frustrating and even annoying to have this part of you rise up that seems antagonistic to what you really want... BUT you'll learn that this is actually good!

In this episode, Heather Ivany helps us reconcile this paradox between the part of us that wants

growth and the part of us that wants to stay safe. Once we learn this on a deeper level, we can enjoy the journey of our own becoming even more.

Tune in with us as we talk about:

  • What are the two polarities of our nature as a human being?

  • Powerful ways to give yourself permission to access your greater potential

  • What the akashic records are and how you can begin to tap into yours to help yourself

There's so much more we covered in this conversation, but all the above is a great start 🙂

Just remember, your path in life is unique and if you choose to grow, then there are some obstacles that are normal along the way. You'll learn a lot of those tell-tale challenges in this episode with Heather and how to deal with them as you move forward.

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