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This Juicy Life- Aliyah O'Brien & Lauren McConnell

What if tapping into our Intuition is a practical way to connect to "the unknown" and find all of the answers we're looking for?

Today we are joined by an amazing Spiritual Mentor, Heather Ivany. Heather is an Akashic Guide and Yoga Teacher with twenty+ years of experience leading souls through life-altering transformation and growth that aligns them to their “current” purpose.

This episode is FIRE! We talk about HOW TO:

• Develop our own Clair abilities

• Tune into our Intuition

• Communicate with our Higher Self/the Divine

• Expand into Greatness

• Find your Purpose

• Remove ourselves from scarcity and limited thinking, to allow for more flow, ease and abundance in our lives.

• Shamelessly Celebrate Ourselves

• ...and so much more!

We know you're going to get a lot out of this inspiring and spiritually grounded conversation!

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