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Learn About Our Top 10 Oils

Chances are, you started with some if not all of these essential oils... these oils support immunity, provide both first-aid and anti-aging for your skin, resistance to seasonal allergies, respiratory/digestive health and more.
My friend and colleague Jocelyn Dawn has put together this FREE E-book which outlines over 150 uses of these top 10 oils as well as tips on how to diffuse and create your own blends. Access your copy by clicking the button below.



One of my main goals when working with you is to support your own empowerment in learning and understanding the multitude of resources available to understand oils better.
Here are some ways that you can access these resources:

Each month I create several videos to serve you in understanding the potency and purity of your essential oils.  Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel or click HERE to view through my website:




  • ESSENTIAL LEARNING WITH HEATHER IVANY: My personal 'study sessions' that will outline ways in which I use my oils in my home, my yoga profession and with loved ones.  

  • GLOW-ESSENTIAL LEARNING (Facebook): Here you can post any questions that you may have or follow along to see new and inspiring ways to incorporate oils into your everyday.

  • COLLECTIVE LEARNING. This group is another access to watch study sessions,, look for monthly themes on how to use product and get details on upcoming events.


  • I will also share stories and posts on my Instagram page...HEATHER IVANY

WEBSITES: Learn in depth details about all products.
TEACH ME OILS: Learn how to use oils. PASSWORD: oils 
Want a little more hands on?  We have created a completely free continuing education module series that you can go through in your own time! 
Here's how you get started. 
1. Visit
2. Create your account and login
If you have any questions you can 100% reach out to me!

The Droplii Essential Oil Reference Guide removes barriers to sharing essential oil information and provides hundreds of recipes right at your fingertips.  Your new favorite essential oil reference guide 
All you need to do is go to and register, and where it asks you to enter the mentor code, simply enter TEAMHEARTCORE1 and Droplii is yours FREE forever! Droplii is something special that you can do with it is share recipes and practices with your friends and family. I think you’ll really love having such an interactive app right at your fingertips and it will be an amazing addition to your new or ongoing wellness regime. You can upvote great recipes too and even include your own blends!

ESSENTIALS LIFE'S BOOK.  For both the new and the experienced essential oil user, the Essential Life is a composition of everything needed to create positive and profound results.
MODERN ESSENTIALS BOOK. The original, trusted, and complete guide to dōTERRA® essential oils and products for health conditions and daily living.
EMOTIONS AND ESSENTIAL OILS. Essential oils are widely used for their physical health benefits, but few have understood the scope of their healing capabilities. In Emotions & Essential Oils, essential oils are introduced as powerful emotional healers.
SPOIL YOUR PETS:.  Written by a veterinarian as a natural complement to traditional veterinary care.. Over 50 entries that include grooming, well-being, and health conditions.. Commonly recommended oils and original recipes for dogs and cats.. Includes references. Bookmark available to equate blends with dōTERRA® brand names.
ESSENTIAL OILS PREGNANCY BIRTH AND BABIES: While many pharmaceutical drugs cannot be taken during pregnancy or by infants, many essential oils are highly effective and safe for maternal and infant ailments. This book is written for prospective and new mothers and their babies during the complete 9 months before and 9 months after delivery.​

​I buy all of my Rollers from doTERRA!
​ I'll show you how on at our Welcome meeting.

  • Here are some handy DIY cleaner spray bottles-- I love the chalk board coating!

  • Mini spray bottles? Check these out.

  • Fractionated Coconut oil is available at most grocery/ healthfood shops and from your own doTERRA shop online.

  • Labels with super affordable shipping!

Other great places to purchase supplies are:

*Check in the Collective Learning Series on FB before you do an order for any ongoing group orders! 


​Here is a rough dilution guide.  

Stick to what feels intuitively right to you-- and maybe that looks like less, and that's okay!

​As you become more experienced with using your oils, you'll be a pro in no time.

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