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Unlocking You


Step into your power, to create a life you love, with your soul as compass & guide.


April 26-July 5th

Time: Wednesdays 11:30am-12:45 MST


Unlock your Sovereign Self

It is a powerful time in human history, many are feeling the call to walk a different path. A path to know thyself and honour deeply the connection to the divine human within.

Through the journey of Unlocking You, a light is shined within your soul space, offering powerful keys to unlock doors that have been forgotten, reminding you that "You are not as far away from yourself as you think".  

You may be dealing with challenges that have surfaced in the last most challenging year(s). You may be ready for change but not sure how to begin, or simply want more space for love.  Together we will use timeless and advanced techniques, in order to rediscover the felt sense of your authentic ground and own embodied sense of well-being.


Unlocking You is for anyone... 

  • seeking conscious connection internally and externally

  • who has reached an age in life and desires to be further along their path

  • seeking healing, release from burn-out, stress or loneliness.

  • sensing that they are dancing around your potential and know that there is more

  • finding solitude/meditation mundane, fearful or non-existent

  • tired of running from themselves 

Designed to remember your being and step into your becoming...


To align yourself with your Self is to honour what is present, sacred and unfolding. This honour leads to a deep remembering of your being while at the same time leading you forward to what you are to become.

How does 'Unlocking You' accomplish this?

The power of presence, intention and connection. An essential component of the divine/human experience is the relentless returning to the present moment, to the now, where everything exists but where the mind says it’s never enough.  The concept is simple, the practice is not always easy. I'm here to guide and support.

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My role in your journey of unfolding and remembering is to hold a safe and loving space as you unpack what may be obscuring your access to your home within.  I promise to lovingly hold you accountable and am here as an ally of support as you hone, clarify, and access your strengths.I will guarantee full presence to meet you here.

About the Program

Three-Month Format

  • The three month format to allow adequate time and space to deepen your being and step into your becoming.

  • The length of time is intelligent, offering the first half as a hand held experience which releases into you being fully empowered to lead on your own by the end of our time together.

Weekly Meetings

  • These 60 minutes calls are filled with lesson guides, Q&A, experiences, and concrete tools designed to support you in developing consistency and trust with yourself.

Topics we cover

  • INTENTION- Set intention through connection with your soul, and partner with it to create the life you truly desire.

  • RESISTANCE- How to work with resistance as your ally not your enemy.

  • BOUNDARIES- How to set healthy boundaries to protect your resources, time, and energy.

  • MEDITATION- Use energetic techniques — like meditation, energy alchemy, nidra and more — to transform fear and overwhelm into power, refine your mind, and energize your body.

  • TRUST- How to trust yourself in every situation, and know you are truly at home in your body, your life, and in the world

Access outside of weekly meetings

  • My mastery is in supporting you in achieving your goals.  This is accomplished through applying my over 25 years of experience in yoga philosophy, meditation and akashic records. From here I place you in my frequency with my daily meditations and hold a strong supportive container for your transformation.

  • You have permission to reach out with clarification and questions in between sessions either via text or email.


Two options for working with me:


This container is custom tailored. You share with me the highlights you wish to focus on and we custom create your program together. Please reach out to discuss further




Intimate group size to ensure optimal guidance & support

Dates:APRIL 26- JULY 5TH

Time: Wednesdays 11:30am-12:45 MST

Location: Zoom

Email me for details or to set up a time to chat: 

What is available for you to experience...

  • Presence as a way of being.

  • Create sacred space in your life to digest and assimilate all the wisdom within you.

  • Allow your physical, mental, and emotional body to heal and be restored to a state of ease.

  • Live rather than exist.

  • Take your spiritual practices deeper and further to maximize their benefit, value, and potency.

  • Establish time that is solely dedicated to deepening self-love and self-worth.​

  • Create boundaries to support your energetic and physical state.

  • Learn how to access, be aware of and trust your inner wisdom and guides.

  • Expand- transform.


Heather's one-on-one work will lovingly, assuredly and supportively hold you accountable and remind you of your potential. With Heather's care and consistency, expect transformation. 

Elena Brower

Best selling author and international yoga teacher

I feel Heather really understands me, meets me where I am at, offers personal resources, is always available, fine tunes content for me, is very knowledgeable, I love being in her program and love developing my soul

Lynne Cowburn

I feel blessed to discover that when I was ready to enter a new phase of my life, I found Heather Ivany who guides me as I open the doors to my awakening. It is a process that she helps make easier by sharing her wisdom, love, and guidance that inspires me to want to travel on this spiritual path. 

I started with her free week long series of meditations and exercises then onto her Unlocking You program. She organizes a series of subjects, one topic leading into another with a comfortable gradual pace offering new insights on issues we may already be familiar with, like resistance, but her insights bring the journey into deeper levels.

Heather’s presence in my life is an absolute gift, making my own spiritual journey a path that I am more eager than ever to follow.

Marilyn Zagha-Keeshan
Author, Cancer Survivor
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