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The Human Design Podcast- Emma Dunwoody

Updated: May 18

2024 Energetic Forecast from the Akashic Records with Heather Ivany: In this episode, I have the amazing Heather Ivany joining me to do the 2024 energetic forecast through the frame of the Akashic Records. This is SUCH a cool episode and I loved hearing what Heather channeled in, and how excited it has me for the next year.

Heather is an incredible intuitive and one of our amazing teachers inside HDX next year where she will be running a live course on developing your intuition and clairabilities!

Buckle up because 2024 is going to be a massive year of ascension, discernment, embracing your wildness and igniting the fire within you. Heather goes through all of this in detail on the podcast and we chat about real life practices to set you up for your best and most abundant year ever!

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