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Ayurveda Life School Podcast: Studying Your Akashic Record

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

What are the Akashic records? And how can they assist you in finding balance, enlightenment and joy in your everyday? This week we share a conversation between the Heathers- myself and Heather Ivany-Akashic records Guide. What you will learn:

  • What are the Akashic records?

  • How every action, thought and experience you have is stored in the etheric realm

  • Why you would get an Akashic records reading

  • Real life examples of how lives have changed based on information from an Akashic reading

  • How Askashic readings are NOT the same as psychic readings

  • The 6 Clair abilities/senses and how to identify which ones you have been gifted with

  • How Akashic records enhance your confidence in self, confidence in others, confidence in God

About the podcast The Ayurveda Life School

The Ayurveda Life School podcast explores wellness and health through the ancient 5,000 year old wisdom of Ayurveda-but we make it work for you today! Learn to make practical changes to your lifestyle, diet, exercise, thoughts, and emotions to connect mind-body and lead you on your pathway to perfect health. Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Heather Johnson, the host, will share the life-changing teachings of Ayurveda and give you techniques to make Ayurveda a natural part of your daily life as you journey to better health and peace, and you don't need to travel to India to do it! Peace, wholeness, and a life of dynamic energy can be yours through Ayurveda.

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