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Ayurveda Life School Podcast- Heather Johnson

Updated: May 17

Studying Your Akashic Record:

What are the Akashic records? And how can they assist you in finding balance, enlightenment and joy in your everyday? This week we share a conversation between the Heathers- myself and Heather Ivany-Akashic records Guide. What you will learn:

  • What are the Akashic records?

  • How every action, thought and experience you have is stored in the etheric realm

  • Why you would get an Akashic records reading

  • Real life examples of how lives have changed based on information from an Akashic reading

  • How Askashic readings are NOT the same as psychic readings

  • The 6 Clair abilities/senses and how to identify which ones you have been gifted with

  • How Akashic records enhance your confidence in self, confidence in others, confidence in God

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