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Mastering the Business of Yoga- Amanda Kingsmith

Updated: 3 days ago

Setting up Sacred Spaces & Habits: Mastering the Business of Yoga with Amanda Kingsmith is a podcast was designed for new yoga teachers who want to create a successful career in yoga, but don't know where to start, or what to do. Each episode is hosted by yoga teacher & business graduate, Amanda Kingsmith, and features different, successful and inspiring yoga teachers who share their experiences in the yoga world, and the business lessons they have learned throughout their careers. Guests range from full-time yoga teachers, yoga studio owners, teachers who have branched off to create their own businesses, teachers who have developed their own teacher training, and much more.

About This Episode:

  • Heather’s story, background, and how she got into yoga

  • Transitioning into a career of teaching yoga to others

  • Heather’s background with Akashic records and how that comes into play with her practice

  • An explanation and overview of Akashic records and why it’s a beautiful and practical tool to use

  • Creating a calm, serene, and sacred space without the need of certain physical aspects or limited resources

  • More traditional alter spaces and how you can create one for your space

  • Forming good habits to show up to these yoga spaces.

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