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Redefining Yoga: Discover Your Soul’s Purpose

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Lara dives into a fascinating conversation with Heather Ivany about her skills as an Akashic record teacher and what doing an Akashic reading entails. This expertise allows Heather to support people in understanding their soul’s purpose in this lifetime. She also advises people on how to best work with their gifts to allow them to fulfill this purpose.

About the Redefining Yoga Podcast with Lara Heimann:

International yoga leader and creator of the LYT Method, Lara Heimann, investigates the modern evolution of yoga from her background as a Physical Therapist and neurodevelopmental treatment specialist. She passionately explores the core values of her groundbreaking yoga method: smarter movement patterns, kindness to ourselves and others, compassion for all beings, finding the best way through inquiry, the courage to change, discipline to grow, and taking a stand for what we believe in.

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