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SEPT 12, 2024

Your purpose is not a question, it is a prayer.  Praying to see a deeper life's path that is flanked with sacred assistance. The search for purpose comes from the absence of being familiar with our spiritual language and our needs. At it's core we are looking for "how do I break free of being afraid of myself? How do I be liberated to follow the deeper instincts within myself?" It is a spiritual quest. As your guide I offer systems of support to trust your inner knowing over your self-doubt and tools to communicate with Consciousness.  Come see for yourself...



Mastering the Business of Yoga

Mastering the Business of Yoga

The Human Design Podcast

The Human Design Podcast

Live Your Yoga Podcast

Live Your Yoga Podcast

Redefining Yoga Podcast

Redefining Yoga Podcast

Peaceful Power Podcast

Peaceful Power Podcast

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Your akashic records hold a great deal of knowledge about you.

There are an infinite number of questions you can ask and this wisdom can be very empowering.

How you choose to use that information is up to you.

You may choose to make different choices then you otherwise would have made. Perhaps you will make healthier choices. It could be that all you needed was understanding, a reason why.

Open to the possibilities... 

* Bliss and peace of mind with divine guidance
* Tapping into your creativity
* Remembering wisdom of your past/future lives
*Deeper sense of relationship with Source
* Identify and release recurring patterns
* Transmute unresolved issues in relationships
* Clarify your soul's purpose and personal direction
* Expansion of awareness
* Inspire and lead with confidence



ABOUT the Teacher

Heather Ivany, Spiritual Mentor, Akashic Guide, Teacher, and more…

For over 25 years of teaching yoga, leading retreats, and offering spiritual mentorship, I have been sharing practical secrets to help turn meditation and yoga into an unconditional embrace of the fullness of our experience―on and off the mat.


With the gentle wisdom and compassion of one who understands the nuances of spiritual practice, I open my students to the joy of exploring the deep and mysterious inner landscape of the heart, mind, and body. 

With Akashic trainings, I am overjoyed to help others learn how to use their innate Claire abilities to unfold their path and to read the records for themselves and for others. 


The Akashic records is available to anyone who has the desire to access.

Drawing on the powerful teachings I have received, I feel honoured to share and to spread access to the Akashic records. 

This program is a portal into a loving worldwide community of empowered and soul-led humans. As the Akashic Training grows, so does the facilitators.  When you take this training you will be taught by myself.  In addition, I have expanded into mentoring others (who have previously completed my Akashic training) on how to to teach teacher trainings, so they can share with their communities.. You might find 1-2 of these apprentices in your Akashic training.... and you may be inspired to join down the road.

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6 full days (parts 1,2 &3 ) of learning,  understanding and experiencing/practicing reading the Akashic Records.  This is spaced over three months for integration and accuracy.  Within our live sessions together you will have supervised practice sessions with tips, support and guidance on how to expand your reading skills.

A complimentary program manual for each part of the training that you can use during the training and after, to integrate your new knowledge into your personal
or professional practice

Access to myself, Heather Ivany to have on hand for questions and clarification around course materials and the practice of reading the Akashic records

Out of session practice times with other members of the group to foster hands-on practice and experience

Access to an online portal where recordings, manuals and extra resources are shared, while also topics are discussed and questions answered.

Lifetime access to the Akashic Manual, including updated versions for future sessions as things shift and change

Complimentary Akashic session prior to our first gathering to identify your Claire abilities and clear out anything not serving your highest and greatest good. Value of over $230.

Optional 50% coupon for private Akashic session to use during our three months together.


Dates: Sept 12&13, Oct 3&4, Oct 24&25

Time: 9:30-4:00 MST
Teacher Heather Ivany & Possible assistants

The Details, Fine Print, and More...

Frequently Asked Questions

⍟ What is the program format?


We meet for two full days over zoom (this is so that you can read long distance and not just in person). Afterward we stay connected as a tribe through an online portal while you practice first reading your own records for three weeks before we return for another two days to learn to read others records. After part two you book practice sessions with other members of your tribe, as often as you like for three weeks, before we meet for part three where we expand out into the bigger field of Akasha by exploring the records of plants, planets, your business, animals, etc. 

⍟ What if I don’t think I can read the records?


Anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to read the Akashic records can.  All that I need to trust is that you are receiving a ping to learn how to do read the records and that you are being pulled to study with me.  That is my reassurance that your guides and my guides are working to bring us together. I have 100% success with clients.

⍟ How do I access the records?

​You will have a private 30 minutes Akashic session prior to the training start date.  Here we will discover what your main Claire abilities are and I will make note of this and personalize the ‘exercises’ in the training to work with your Claire abilities.  So the training is in a group format (so that you have others to practice reading records with ) and it is highly personalized at the same time.

How do I know I’m ready?

​Reach out and ask to book a clarity call with me.  We can explore this together as we build a trust with each other through the call.

⍟ When does the program start? 

The program is offered multiple times a year. Spots fill up quick and are limited to an intimate container with up to around 10-12 participants to ensure optimal guidance and support.  Please check back often for new training dates!

⍟ Are there any other times that you offer the training?

Because my business is international I cannot meet all time zones and days of the week that people request.  Akashic trainings are always 9:30-4:00 MST.  If the training is calling you, I trust that your schedule will make itself available to attend.

⍟ Is there a payment plan or scholarship? 

A limited number of scholarships are available. Payment plans are also available to those who need them (please see my prices on this page). I offer 1-2 scholarships per program.  First come first serve. 


⍟ What is the refund policy? 

I truly believe in the transformative potential of all my programs. All payments after non-refundable deposits must be made two weeks prior to our start date (unless on a payment plan).  

There are no refunds once our program has started.  This is intentional.  I take students full circle. Some experience transformation right at the beginning and others right at the end.  Disrupting the process midway inerts your potential transformation point and ripples within the group container.


3 Monthly Payments

5 Monthly Payments

Canadian resident? Not a problem. Please reach out.
Need additional support to make this happen for you?  Please reach out

Have more questions?


Completing my Akashic Records training level 1 and 2 with Heather has been one of the most transformational journeys I have been on. The knowledge, wisdom and guidance I have received has quite honestly shifted my world. I have been able to tap into gifts I didn’t even know I had and through the ongoing support and encouragement of this truly unique and wise woman I have been able to continue to expand and connect to the Records; something that has been so supportive and expansive to my own personal journey. And now, as I continue my trainings with them I am able to support my clients in the Records, which already has proven to be such a wonderful gift.
-- Johanna Haines
The Akashic Records have been a wonderful tool to help shed fears and beliefs patterns, to propel me forward in my soul mission. Heather has an outstanding gift as both a teacher and a practitioner to hold space for you and support you as you transition into achieving your goals.  I would highly recommend trying an Akashic Record session with her, or better yet, take your level one certification, the clearing that takes place will change your life.
-- Tricia Clarke
My recent training with Heather was one of the most powerful spiritual sessions I've ever had. I gained so much clarity around my purpose and strengths and also recognized where I was holding myself back. I have felt the effects of our time together over the last few days and would highly recommend her trainings.
-- M
The Akashic Records Level 1 training was a fantastic experience! Heather was excellent at providing a warm and safe space to learn and deepen into our own intuition. I would absolutely recommend to anyone interested in exploring their relationship with their Akashic Records.
-- Courtney Carr
Heather you changed my life! ​ That was one of the most profound moments I have experienced. I have already started meditating and asking to meet my spirit guides.
-- Caleb B.
I've taken many spiritual development courses, specifically geared towards using my own spiritual gifts (psychic, mediumship, energy healing) but this is the first one that really clicked for me. I feel confident in giving readings. I feel confident in sharing it in my current Purpose coaching offerings. I loved the teaching format. I loved the many ways we learned to use the Akashic Records to serve ourselves and others. I felt so supported by Heather and the other students throughout the course. It's one of the best things I've ever done!
-- Jen Beverage​
I've gone into this training without a lot of previous knowledge around AR, just knowing I really resonate with Heather's teaching philosophies. She's such a great mentor, and this training has really transformed the way I experience the spiritual side of myself. It really pushed my ability to trust myself and my intuition to a whole new level. It was amazing how fast and how natural reading the records can become with in the container Heather has set up. Being able to learn with other that are on different spiritual journeys and able to develop such deep connections in a very short time through the learning of Akashic records is something I haven't experienced in other programs. I was amazed how much confidence I developed in only 3 months time, and feel ready to incorporate AR reading into my other business offerings. 
-- April Lin

Canadian resident? Not a problem. Please reach out.
Need additional support to make this happen for you?  Please reach out


3 Monthly Payments

5 Monthly Payments


The call of our soul beckons each of us to become who we are. It arrives in the shape of possibilities that invite us into relationships with our creative, evolving selves and with our world.

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