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Share the ENERGY alchemy to EXPANDING Income and Impact.

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The world of business is loud, with conflicting advice and a one-size-fits-all approach to success. Lead magnets, sales funnels, clicks, traffic… noise noise noise. 

If you feel yourself drowning in the noise, unable to hear your own soul’s wisdom–then you have arrived at the right place.

Many spiritual entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or energetically drained


From the constant demands of social media to difficult conversations around sales and money…

But entrepreneurship can be deeply fulfilling, a spiritual practice in and of its own, and lead to great material and spiritual abundance. 

I’m the living proof, as are the healers, teachers, and creators that have followed the principles of Sovereign Leadership.

IMAGINE you're business as a soul practice.

 A business is so much more than its assets, liabilities, people, systems and projects. When you create a business, you are entering into sacred partnership with its Akashic field, or soul. You are its champion, in the physical world. Through your love, work, heart, and devotion, the soul of your business expresses itself and serves your community in ways that you may not dream of on your own. Your business exists to serve and delight its customers, and to bring joy and prosperity to you and your beloveds.

Sovereign Leadership to Connect with the Soul of Your Business

Business Transformation from the Inside Out

Here's what to expect from the program:

A redefined relationship with money, manifestation and prosperity, grounded in tangible strategies that you will carry with you into the future of your business

Actionable insights into connecting with the consciousness of your business, attracting your tribe and conveying your authenticity while protecting your energy

A new level of unshakeable confidence around the direction of your business, pricing, and ability to sell your offerings with field-tested practices that honour transparency and authenticity

The newfound ability to deeply trust your business decisions, remain true to yourself and keep in alignment with your purpose and gifts… without getting distracted by trends or competitors


Calling all Seekers, Intentional Manifestors, Creative Midwives and the Spiritually Sovereign

Be an agent of the Sacred in our world. This program is for you if you are an energetic entrepreneur who:


operates your business with unstable confidence, a lack of clarity around money conversations, or a clear sense of direction

struggles to make consistent income through their offerings, or to implement scalable revenue-generating systems 


feels energetically drained by aspects of running your business, especially areas that you are tolerating which are not serving.


is skeptical or uneasy following “conventional” business advice growth strategies


feels overwhelmed and unsure about where to offer time and money to grow your business.


lacks a solid relationship with power, and feels uncomfortable around attracting, maintaining and releasing power in their business.


struggles with feelings of imposter syndrome from working with manifestation but unable to manifest  financial abundance for yourself


Have Questions?  Book a FREE clarity call with me

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Heather's one-on-one work will lovingly, assuredly and supportively hold you accountable and remind you of your potential. With Heather's care and consistency, expect transformation.

Elena Brower- Best Selling Author. 
Host of the Practice You Podcast.
International teacher.

Your business is an extension of your soul.
It moves through you so that your soul can
fulfill its purpose in this lifetime.

The Teachings of Sovereign Leadership

A Program for Deep Unlearning, Opening, and Ascending

Forget everything you thought you knew. 

Money and spirituality are deeply linked. Both are forms of energy, and through their free and uninhibited flow, bring abundance in all aspects of life.

Outdated Beliefs of Spiritual Entrepreneurship

✖  Thinking of spirituality and money as energetic opposites


✖  Viewing sales or money conversations as an “icky” but unavoidable aspect of entrepreneurship


✖  Teaching people to ascend and step into their greatness without ever talking about money or financial challenges


✖  Promoting notions of wellness that rely on expensive equipment, tools, or training without discussing the potential to alienate and exclude people of all classes


✖  Marketing offerings around the idea that if people really want something, they will find a way to pay for it

Empowered Beliefs of Spiritual Entrepreneurship

✔️  Understanding that spirituality and money are both forms of energy, and that money itself is profoundly spiritual


✔️  Developing ease around selling your offerings and having money conversations with clients and ourselves


✔️  Advancing a view that true wellness comes from holistic health in all aspects of life, including spiritual, mental, and financial


✔️  Recognizing where financial obstacles or limiting money beliefs can prevent people from accessing tools or programs for spiritual wellness

✔️  Separating true financial obstacles from perceived financial obstacles (that stem from doubt or fear)

The path to fulfilling, aligned entrepreneurship starts with revolution. Money is profoundly spiritual, and if we don’t reflect on and talk about it, we'll have a hard time creating financial abundance in this lifetime.

Ready for transformation?

Nobody will be turned away for financial reason; please write us to request partial scholarship.


The Sovereign Leadership program has been a game changer. Heather's approach to spiritual leadership along with her toolkit and expertise has helped me to build a strong foundation for building my own business. Heather provides support on all levels while also encouraging and challenging her students when they are allowing fear to get in the way. The Sovereign Leadership program was engaging, challenging, supportive and provided a safe and loving container to play with all parts of myself and my business through the Akashic field. I cannot recommend this container enough for anyone who is looking to up level their life and purpose. I am so grateful for Heather and her incredible teachings.

Tish Meehan
Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Coach

ABOUT the Teacher

Heather Ivany, Spiritual Mentor, Akashic Guide, Teacher, and more…

After 25 years of teaching yoga, leading retreats, and offering spiritual mentorship, I finally achieved my first high 5-figure month. And that number only grew from there.  

Like most spiritual entrepreneurs, money is not my first priority… but it does allow me to outsource what isn’t in my mastery, expand my business, focus more deeply on my offerings, and support more souls in living out their authentic purpose. 

Before that, the most I had made in one month was $2500…  

But once I cracked the proverbial code, abundance flowed and flowed into my life like a gentle but uproarious river. 

By healing my money wounds it allowed me to show up at my highest caliber, attract the abundance that I was meant to claim, and step into my greatness…

Now I’m sharing the exact energetic shifts, spiritual tools, and strategies that I used to get to where I am. 

And it’s not quite as simple as just increasing your rates and thinking that you’ve raised your worth… 

Sovereign Leadership is much more

This program is a portal into a loving worldwide community of wealthy, empowered and soul-led humans.

Will you step in?

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The call of our soul beckons each of us to become who we are. It arrives in the shape of possibilities that invite us into relationships with our creative, evolving selves and with our world.

Inside the Program

6 Core Lessons to Connect with the Soul of your Business

The timing is such that spiritual dimension (5D-consciousness) and material dimension (3D-earth) are closing the gap and walking side by side. Essential concepts like soul and strategy, dimensions and intentions, energy fields and to-do lists, meditation and success, practical skills and inspired action begin to share the same space helping to create a business that fits you perfectly.


Each lesson is designed to help you build the foundation of your business, add on the layers unique to you, and allow you to be seen by those who matter most – your potential clients.

Many lessons also include an Akashic meditation to imprint the teachings on a cellular and etheric level (no Akashic experience needed to absorb and integrate into your inherent wholeness).

Module one: Attune to your Self
  • Desire: What you want wants you

  • Formulating a potent Sankalpa

  • Embody your Sankalpa through meditation

Module two: Attune to your business
  • Know the Soul of your business- it is Sovereign just like you...

  • Identify misalignments between your business and you

  • Attune to your business, with supportive meditation

Module three: Attune to your tribe
  • Who are your tribe members?

  • Navigating the resistance with the ego

  • Harmonize with your tribe through guided meditation

Module four: Take your tribe deeper
  • Art of attention

  • Clarity calls with potential tribe members

  • How to have money conversations

Module five: Power
  • Aspects of your personal power

  • 3 buckets of alignment

  • Bridge your power and your business's power through meditation

Module six: Money talk
  • Money as frequency not emotion

  • Money alchemy

  • Truth talk about money

Program Details


Business Transformation with

Simplicity, Soul and Sovereignty

        Online self-study format 

Allows adequate time and space to deepen your being and step into your becoming.  Of course you have access to the full program from your time of purchase however I highly recommend moving through each topic over two weeks at a time for full integration. The slower pace reveals hidden gems. 

Interested in moving through this together 1:1? Visit HERE

      Supportive tools

Sovereign Leadership is filled with supportive tools created, written, designed and filmed with Heather Ivany

➢ 6 VIDEO RECORDINGS. One for each topic (40-50 min each)

➢ 18 SUPPORTIVE VIDEO RECORDINGS. Three for each topic (5-10 min each)

➢ GUIDED MEDITATIONS (X7)            



➢ 50% off a 60 min 1;1 session with Heather-book anytime

➢ $500 coupon to work with Heather in the future through

      Akashic Training or 1:1

➢Concrete tools designed to support you in developing consistency and trust with yourself. ​


        Core modules (full details of the core modules listed above)

Access outside of the online program: My mastery is in supporting you in achieving your goals.  This is accomplished through applying my over 25 years of experience in yoga philosophy, meditation and akashic records. You have permission to contact me for clarification and questions via email

I entered the container following an inner knowing that I was in the safest hands. The decision didn't make sense to my thinking mind but my higher self managed to get us a seat the table. Most weeks I didn't know what we'd be covering but I had a deep trust and surrender that all would be well and she knew the way. I had played the hustle game, been burned out, worked all the hours and couldn't shake the feeling there must be another way. I longed for ease and flow. Heather is a model of grace, intelligence, motivation and fun and taught me everything she could in our time together to help me find the same. She held nothing back. She squeezed in so much content, knowledge and experience that it felt as though we could bend time. Having completed the 3 months I can well and truly say I've been transformed. Transformed back into my authentic self, living all aspects of my life in alignment with a childlike joy each day and excitement about the future.

Jackie Cowie- Chiropractor/yoga rehab

Attuning my business through the Akashic Records, brought new clarity and insight for releasing stress and creating more work/life balance.  There are many tools and practices in this course to keep you resonating at the frequency you need to manifest your goals and desires.  Heather is a wonderful teacher with deep insight to help you overcome your blockages and move forward in your business. 

Tricia Clarke-yoga studio owner/reiki master

Working with Heather through Sovereign Leadership opened me up to a new, expansive way of working with and in my business. I joined this program with so much fear and unbelief, now I'm feeling more empowered, confident, and trusting of myself and what to do with that fear. As a woman of color, we don't see this kind of spiritual work being modeled to us. Although, I was the only woman of color in this cohort I didn't feel out of place or that my challenges were foreign though they are unique. I felt well-supported and learned timeless, life-changing tools to help myself, grow my business into what I want it to be, to help other women who look like me evolve and make an identity shift to experience what they truly want with what I've gained through working with Heather, connecting with the ladies in the program, and integrating the content that was offered to us. 

Roz Kincaid- life coach

Frequently Asked Questions

⍟ I'm interested. but what exactly is included in the program?

  • Six Themed Topics Video Recorded with Heather (40-50 min each)

  • Three Supportive Video Recorded with Heather for EACH Topic (18 total) (5-10 min each)

  • Supportive beautifully designed PDF's for each Topic (6 total)

  • 7 audio guided meditations-(topic based for you to download)

  • Extensive Q&A based off of students questions over the last 3 years of offering in small group

  • 50% off a 60 min 1:1 session with Heather-book anytime

  • $500 coupon to work with Heather in the Akashic Training or 1:1

 Is this program online or in person? 

Online.  If you would like to work with me in person please visit me HERE

⍟ How much time should I plan to spend on the program? 

In addition to the video sessions, you should expect to spend 2-3 hours a week reviewing the complementary materials. 

⍟ Do I need any special materials, equipment, or softwares? 

Nope! All you need is a strong internet connection, a quiet space to join the live calls, a pen and paper, a curious mind, and a heart with the capacity to open wide.

⍟ Is there a payment plan or scholarship? 

Yes you can make a single payment, 2 month payment or 3 month payment when purchasing.


⍟ What is the refund policy? 

I truly believe in the transformative potential of all my programs. All payments after non-refundable deposits must be made two weeks prior to our start date (unless on a payment plan).  

There are no refunds once our program has started.  This is intentional.  I take students full circle. Some experience transformation right at the beginning and others right at the end.  Disrupting the process midway inerts your potential transformation point and ripples within the group container.

Any other questions?


Nobody will be turned away for financial reason; please write us to request partial scholarship.

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